Wheel spacers alloy Includes Pre-Installed Wheel Studs, Lug Nuts

6 x 114.3 - 139.7 Wheel spacer adapter aluminum 27 mm (5 x 5.5 "x 1.25 Nuts 12)

6/114.3 - 139.7 12X1.25 27MM


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Thickness 27mm in stainless steel aluminium, and undeformable, they are delivered in 4 pieces with nuts and studs. They allow you to change the centre distance of your original wheels on Nissan Navara D40 and Nissan Pathfinder (6x114.3) and convert them to 6x139.7 (centre distance of Toyota, Mistubishi, Nissan before 2006, Ford Maverick). Allows you to access a much wider choice of 4x4 wheels for more 4x4 technology and originality. The important characteristics of these expanders are:

-Better cornering stability
-Better stability on slopes
-Better directional stability
-Improved vehicle aesthetics

-Turnout diameter restored or increased in the case of wide tires touching the inside of the wing passages
-Compensates for the disadvantages of a higher centre of gravity for a raised vehicle.

High precision made of stainless steel and non-deformable aluminium.