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30L Pressurized Water Tank Camper Trailers Caravans 4X4 4WD Truck

30L water tank fixed to your roof using roof racks, roof rack, skip, trailer or boat.

Supplied as standard with spiral hose, compressor and fixing system.

15 kg empty

tank dimensions: 140 x 21 x 13 cm

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499,00 €

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Extremely versatile: the pressurised water tank provides 30 litres of water to spray mud off your tyres, wash mud-covered bikes, dirty dishes and sandy feet.

Hot water available: This pressurised water tank can heat water up to 30 degrees in the sun.

Multi-pattern nozzle: The nozzle is designed with four patterns to suit all your needs.

Hands-free use: the nozzle is fitted with a locking clip so you can keep your hands free to run the water.

Carefree pressurisation: the air compressor operates from a cigarette lighter socket, pressurise using the air valve to obtain maximum pressure. Don't forget to seal the water inlet and outlet nipples with sealing tape. Maximum pressure 3 bars.

Compressor: dc 12 volt for cigarette lighter socket, cable length 3 m, 100W, 10 A, maximum air pressure 150 PSI, flow rate 30L/min, air hose length 50 cm.

Built-in pressure relief valve: Automatically vents excess pressure to prevent pressure build-up that could cause the tank to burst.

Long-lasting: This pressurised water tank is made from lightweight, powder-coated aluminium for years of use.

Secure mounting: Two slots on the bottom allow easy attachment to your vehicle's roof bars and 1 slot on one side allows attachment to any other system, roof rack etc...

The 30-litre pressurised water tank has 1 inlet at the top and 1 outlet at the end, for convenient access to water.

Functional hose: The spiral hose is 7 m long, making it possible to meet a wide range of outdoor washing needs while maintaining high water pressure. Any type of spray gun can be connected.