Bullbar removable - Nissan Navara D40 05-10

Steel Front bumper

Bull Bar (Buff Guard) REMOVABLE. (Unscrew and remove your bull bar easily)

2 light holder slots

2 locations for Hi Lift

Integrated winch support

2 shackle support (delivered without shackle)

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The main design of the bumper is made of sheet metal 4mm thick, the plate under the winch and fastening to the frame of sheet thickness 5 mm. The product is first laser cut, then bent on a CNC edge press, and the correct shape is obtained during manual finishing. The next step is galvanic galvanic corrosion protection, and powder coating that gives the bumper its final appearance.
The bumper has hooks for the wires, the two holes for the lift hi-lift and holes for halogen lamps. Robust steel construction allows for full use of the bumper in the field.
The bumper greatly improves the comfort of the field, makes it easy to use the winch, improves safety as well as the appearance of the car gives the character.
You will find all necessary components for installation.

Additional items (such as lamps, slides for the winch) are not included in the set, which may be visible in the pictures. The bumper may differ from the bumper shown in the picture. Before placing your order, please contact us to confirm the order and the possible delivery date. The bumper is not approved. All our products are standardized in RAL 9005 matt black color. RAL colors can be ordered in other colors.  (pay option on request).

(pay option on request).

Weight: 38 kgs (84 lbs) with Bullbar

Weight: 30 kgs (66 lbs) without Bull bar